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I live for wild hair blowing in the wind, babies snuggling up with their parents, the excitement of exploring what's around them, and their little hands collecting as many rocks and sticks as they can carry.

The unposed, raw moments tell the story of what family life truly feels like. The authentic snippets of your everyday moments are what you will cherish when your babies have outgrown your arms and will make you remember what parenthood with little ones truly felt like. 
My family sessions are centered around authenticity and the stripping of expectations – moms feeling fabulous and holding their little ones, dads going off to explore with their kids, simply enjoying spending time with those who mean the most to them and letting me capture their messy, carefree, silly and sometimes exhausting moments.

heartfelt Nostalgia

"The only thing I regret about working with Rebecca is that we didn't give her a hug to let her know how much she means to us."

Hensley family

The warm feeling that instantly transports you to a cherished memory. A moment that puts a smile on your face or tugs at your heartstrings because it is a moment you will never relive.

I strive to create nostalgia in my images - seemingly small moments that will only increase in weight and value with the passing years, cherished by generations to come — love letters to those that mean the most to you written in light, shadows, and grain.

Nothing compares to the feeling of home. The memories and the feeling of being safe are reasons this environment is perfect for storytelling and capturing a day in the life. The chaos, the noise, the quiet moments, the sounds of little feet pattering on the floor of your home - we'll preserve these precious memories you will miss when your house is quiet and your kids have moved out.

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the Arsenault family

" Rebecca captured so many beautiful moments that we will treasure forever. Not only is she crazy talented, she's very kind and wonderful with our kids!!"

why letting sessions unfold naturally will elevate your experience

If there is one thing you can be sure I won't ask of you, it is sitting still and smiling at the camera. Instead, I will encourage you to explore your environment and its elements with your children. Let your session be a fun experience where you can teach your kids and, in return, learn what excites them. Adventure sessions are supposed to be fun for everyone. So, if your kids aren't all about the camera - that's okay. As long as they interact with you, we will capture heartfelt images.

Simplicity mindset

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with they right styling, we will take your images to the next level. 

Let's put together outfits that make you look and feel your best and truly represent your style and personality. 

Over the years I have accumulated a selection of clothing items that photographs beautifully and that all my clients have access to for their session.

Client Closet

Emotive storytelling gets more magical with moving pictures and music that ties your experience together.

I offer video add-ons during photo sessions to create unique keepsakes that embody the feel of your session, the environment, and close-ups of gestures of love and fleeting moments that can't be conveyed in one photograph. 

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Watch video

"We have a large family (five littles ages 8 and under) it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the chaos. Becca was so good with our kids…she handled it like a total mom boss. From making them feel comfortable to capturing sweet smiles and giggles."

Morton family


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