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Let me take you on a journey of finding the beauty in seemingly unmemorable moments and capturing the magic of your life and love stories - all you have to do is show up as yourselves. 

I'm all about creating stress-free experiences tailored to your personalities and unique life stories - all are welcome here - camera-shy husbands, snuggly toddlers, extroverted tomboys, and mommas who hold it all together. 

I'm becca. professional sunset chaser and nostalgic story-teller

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The sentence I hear most often when talking with my families and couples about their upcoming sessions is: "We're so awkward in front of the camera."

We're so conditioned to fake smile when someone points a camera in our direction - but this is merely a performance - and if you want emotive photographs, you'll have to let go of the expectation to act a certain way, know what to do with your hands or how to pose. When interacting with your loved ones in a natural environment, you don't overthink how you look, so that's exactly what I'll tell you to do for your session. Forget about the camera. Be yourself, be present, and trust that I will capture the magic of the authentic moments for you. 

What my families and couples love most about working with me is how I authentically capture the true essence of who they are and how natural they look in their photographs.

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Choose your Adventure


Choose your Adventure


Choose your Adventure


Emma + Skylar

"Rebecca was INCREDIBLE! My husband and I get very uncomfortable in front of the camera - Cue Rebecca, photography angel. we are ridiculously happy with all of our shots; they are natural yet stunning AND you can tell we are having fun."

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