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Talk about a laid-back wedding! Peyton and Tyler focused on living in the moment, making unforgettable memories with their closest friends and family, and setting the record for the shortest and sweetest exchange of vows, from a quick trip down the aisle to a homestyle buffet in a rustic German-inspired dining room. The day was unique and marked with sweet gestures of love, laughter, and happiness.


April 5, 2024

Bride and Groom close up in front of das Bevo wedding venue in St Louis Missouri

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Fun facts about this session:

Bradford pear trees are not native to Missouri. The trees, which flower early in the spring season and smell terrible, are an invasive species.

Emily is native to Missouri, smells lovely, and is my non-invasive best friend.

Emily | Vintage maternity session

March 19, 2024

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Out of focus shot of expecting mother between blooming trees in O'fallon Missouri Wentzville St Louis

When I first discovered Stormy’s work, I felt moved in a way I hadn’t been before. Her art was unlike anything I’d ever seen – her portraits weren’t of families fake smiling at the camera but somehow there was no sign of uncomfortable expressions on anyone’s face. Still, instead, an effortless feel and authenticity and ease were captured in her intensely captivating images.

Stormy’s All Heart Access online education class was a big game-changer for me. I felt my mindset shift, and so many gears started turning – I kept buying more and more of her online education content, but I was still hungry for more until I learned she offered workshops.


February 26, 2024

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If I had only one word to describe this session, it would be “magical”

Following our sunrise session in the dunes at Stormy’s Hometown Retreat in Oregon, we drove back to the old school house to capture the indoor magic by manipulating the sun rays streaming in through the windows with a fog machine.

Though limited on space (especially shooting alongside nine other photographers) we managed to create a variety of intimate nursing portraits, filled with emotion and movement.

JORDAN + BABY JJ | Indoor Motherhood

February 26, 2024

breastfeeding session motherhood Stormy Solis workshop Oregon Missouri O'fallon photographer

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Why should you bring your pet chicken to your family session?

Baw-cause it makes for the most unique family portraits and keeps your kids entertained!

We couldn’t have picked a hotter day for this outdoor session at Towne Park, but we had fun regardless. We started the session by playing some of the kids’ favorite tunes, which helped loosen up Mom and Dad while allowing everyone to shake off the jitters and seemingly uncomfortable and scary aspects of “having your pictures taken.” Once the boys got restless, Dad went with them to explore, which was the perfect opportunity to get sweet photos of just Mom with her girls.


February 26, 2024

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Family of seven with pet chicken at outdoor sunset family session in Wentzville Missouri with pet chicken
Family portrait with dog fine art Missouri Wentzville O'fallon

I’ve been a photographer for over ten years and am very well-versed in sunset sessions – yet, surprisingly, I have never, not once, photographed a sunrise session.

Partly to blame, I’m sure, is that I despise getting up before sunrise, but it was high time that I photographed in the morning hours! I set my alarm for 4 am, and after grabbing some coffee, we were on our way to an enchanting location encapsulated by the morning fog of the Oregon Coast.


February 23, 2024

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Phew. Dad got his workout in at this Cliffside Oregon family session, chasing after his four kids and ensuring nobody was toppling off the edges.

Truthfully, while we were getting stunning shots behind our cameras, we all felt a huge relief when we moved from the breathtaking wildflower-covered cliff area to a safer location. It allowed us to bring down the session’s energy, and Mom got out her guitar to sing to her daughter while Dad took the boys for a stroll through the tall grass.

ROTTER FAMILY | oregon coast

January 30, 2024

moody portrait of family taking a stroll at the beach and cliffs of Oregon fine art portrait

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Our first shoot-out in Oregon was bitterly cold and windy. While all of us photographers bundled up in cozy down jackets, Genevieve braved the cold and windy air like a champ, flicking her gorgeous hair in the wind for romantic, feely, moody maternity photos at the breathtaking overlook.

Stormy styled the session perfectly by ditching the traditional flowy maxi dress for more organic feeling pieces of clothing by utilizing the brands free people, piper and scoot, and the simple folk.

GENEVIEVE | outdoor maternity

January 30, 2024

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black and white close up maternity session artistic wild and moody pregnant woman holding her belly at outdoor maternity session O'fallon Missouri fine art photographer
Family of thee on giant black rock at outdoor family session in Oregon at Stormy Solis workshop Rebecca Stephenson fine art family photographer St Louis Missouri

If I learned one thing about visiting Oregon, it’s how unpredictable coastal weather is. While our prior family session at the coast was moody and overcast, and our morning session in the dunes was foggy and romantic, the sun showed off in all its glory during this beach session – YET, it was freezing and windy (great for pictures but not for notoriously cold photographers)

The second we got out of the car, I knew I had completely underestimated how cold it was. Still, luckily, Suzy lent me a cozy brown sweater, and my fingers stayed unfrozen throughout the beautiful session that ended with birds flying over our model family into the sunset.

GRAF FAMILY | Oregon Motherhood session

January 30, 2024

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I can’t remember when I started following Evann on Instagram. Still, there was just something about her that seemed genuinely sweet and captivating – aside from her being beyond gorgeous on the outside.

My goal for 2023 was to take on more personal projects, push myself out of my comfort zone, shake up my routine, and rework my website and editing look to feel more authentic.

Therefore, when I saw Evann’s post about her pregnancy, I spontaneously reached out to her, and within weeks, we photographed her maternity session at Paige Avenue’s studio in St. Louis (who by the way is the master of 🔥🔥 boudoir)

EVANN | studio maternity

January 24, 2024

Indoor maternity studio session in St Louis macrame, persian rug, brick and black wall. Expecting mother sitting on bed holding her belly

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