and my reason why

I live for the little moments – late night conversations by the bonfire, dancing in the kitchen with my husband, making up stories with my children and listening to music all day long.

My life and love story is one of change and many new beginnings.

I was born in the mountains of France, grew up in Portugal, filling my belly with olives and grapes growing on our trees, learned how to swim in a wild river and finally moved to Germany when I was six years old.

I’ve said many hellos and goodbyes since then – went through wonderful and sad chapters of my life; I found my best friend and married him, I moved to the States and we added cats, a dog and children to our little family.

Our life is a never-ending adventure full of emotions – colorful and ever-changing. I want to hold on to those memories, remember how I felt when I became a wife, holding my children for the first time, documenting our babies first steps and their transformation into strong independent people. And I also want to help you to hold on to yours. I create keepsakes for my deep passion for story telling – authentic, raw and emotional.

my little TRIBE

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Sweet, clumsy and a puppy at heart. She’s full of energy, comes up with the most creative ways to sneak food, loves chasing her own tail and is convinced a 75 pound dog fits perfectly on a human’s lap.

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Spunky, strong-willed and always on the move. She loves to tag along with her brother, planning shenanigans and doing her thing. She’s our wild one, independent but still attached to my hip.

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Creative, funny and caring. He’s the perfect combination of sensitive and confident. He gives the best hugs and snuggles and always puts a smile on my face.

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Catty & moody. Nala was our first family member and came with us all the way from Germany. She wears the pants and runs the house.